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NFL Week 15 open thread

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Talk about the games that matter or the games that are on.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Cardinals fans. Today you get a break of sorts, whether you like that or not. The Arizona Cardinals are not playing today because they played on Thursday.

So today, the four games you will see on TV will be the Packers and the Bills for the one early game on in Arizona, and then your choice of the Broncos and the Chargers on CBS or 49ers/Seahawks on FOX.

Then, for the Sunday Night Football game, it will be the Eagles and the Cowboys. We want one of those teams to win because it will give the Cardinals a playoff berth.

This is your open thread for the day. Normally, we don't get too many comments on these, but if we get into more than 500 range, I will put another one up.

As a game thread, remember these three rules:

1. Language restrictions are listed, but only in game threads.

2. No trolling or personal attacks.

3. Don't share or request online game feeds. You will be banned.