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NFC playoff picture: Arizona Cardinals in the postseason, can clinch top seed in Week 16

The Cardinals are the first team in the NFC to get a postseason berth.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The wait is over. For the first time since 2009, the Arizona Cardinals will be in the playoffs. Because of the result of the Sunday Night Football game, Arizona is the first team in the NFC to earn a postseason berth.

Coming into Sunday's Week 15 games, the Cardinals needed the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles to end with one team being victorious. Dallas got a 38-27 win, meaning the Cardinals have made the playoffs.

After Sunday's games, here is what the NFC race looks like:

1. Arizona Cardinals* 11-3, 3-1 division, 8-2 conference
2. Detroit Lions 10-4, 4-0, 8-2
3. Dallas Cowboys 10-4, 3-2, 7-4
4. Carolina Panthers 5-8-1, 3-2, 5-6
5. Seattle Seahawks 10-4, 3-1, 8-2
6. Green Bay Packers 10-4, 4-1, 7-3

In the mix:

7. Philadelphia Eagles 9-5, 3-1, ,5-5
11. New Orleans Saints 5-8, 2-2, 4-5 (will play on Monday Night Football)
14. Atlanta Falcons 5-9, 4-0, 5-5

The San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Rams were all eliminated from playoff contention with their Week 15 losses. The Saints and Falcons are still in the mix because they are all in contention still for the NFC South title, which will get the number four seed in the conference.

The Packers's loss to the Bills on Sunday hurt them. They lost the division lead in the NFC North and gave control of the NFC to the Cardinals.

Arizona will clinch the number one seed with a victory over the Seattle Seahawks at home in Week 16.

Arizona has not yet locked up the division in the NFC West. With the Seahawks one game back, the game between Seattle and Arizona is huge. A win by Arizona will lock up the top seed in the NFC and the NFC West title. However, a Seattle win would put them in first place in the NFC West and the NFC. If that were to be the case, a win in Week 17 or a loss by the Cardinals or the Packers would clinch things for Seattle.