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NFC playoff picture: Week 16 game between Cardinals and Seahawks is (almost) for all the marbles

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To say it is a big game for both teams is an understatement.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football in Week 16. When the schedule was made, the NFL had to think the Seahawks would be in line to win the NFC West. This week, though, the Arizona Cardinals are the ones that could lock up a division crown.

The Arizona Cardinals need only a win over the Seahawks to claim the NFC West. A victory would also clinch the top seed in the NFC guaranteeing they would not have to play any postseason game -- including the Super Bowl -- away from University of Phoenix Stadium.

A loss to the defending champs, though, makes a wild card spot very likely.

If the Seahawks beat the Cardinals, they would leapfrog Arizona in the standings because they would hold a head-to-head advantage, having beaten Arizona twice on the season. Such a scenario would make Week 17 significant. Seattle would either need a win over the St. Louis Rams or a loss by Arizona to the San Francisco 49ers to lock up the division.

Seattle would also claim the top spot in the NFC with a victory as well.

Seattle defeated Arizona 19-3 in Seattle earlier this season.

The two teams are pretty evenly matched on paper. Arizona is 11-3. Seattle is 10-4. Seattle beat Arizona already this season, but the Cardinals are 5-0 against the teams that Seattle lost to this season (San Diego, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis).

Arizona will be playing without its  top two quarterbacks, but the team is 7-0 this season at home.

Needless to say, it is a big game for both teams.

Seattle opens as seven-point favorites.

What are your early feelings towards this game?