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Drew Stanton reportedly to miss 4 weeks with knee injury

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ESPN reported Sunday morning a different timetable than initially believed.

Michael Thomas/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals did not play on Sunday, but they did come up in some pregame information before the early set of NFL games.

On ESPN, it was reported that the knee injury quarterback Drew Stanton suffered would sideline him four weeks. If that timetable is accurate, that would mean the earliest he could return would be for the NFC Championship game, well into the playoffs. reporter Darren Urban questioned the accuracy of the report. The timetable previously given was around two weeks, which is in line with the time that both defensive end Calais Campbell and receiver Larry Fitzgerald were out when they suffered similar injuries to their knees.

Stanton suffered a sprained ACL and a Grade 2 sprain of his MCL.

Head coach Bruce Arians said, "we feel he definitely has a chance to be back this season. We just don't know when." He also said he "would be surprised" if Stanton could be ready to play this next weekend against the Seahawks.

Arizona is already guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Their final spot is still up for grabs. They could be the top seed or a wild card team. Can they stay alive in the postseason long enough for Stanton to return and can they get a win this weekend to give themselves a playoff bye without him?

That is what Cardinals fans are hoping, after all the injuries the team has suffered and overcome this year.