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Monday Night Football open thread: Saints/Bears

Go Bears!

Derick E Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It is Monday Night Football and the matchup potentially could be fun to watch. It is Drew Brees and a not-so-good Saints team against Jay Cutler and a pretty bad Bears team.

It has the potential to be a shootout, at least. Of course, it is in Chicago, so it might be yuck because of the weather.

Cardinals fans can be at least mildly interested because, should Arizona fall to the wild card, they would likely face the NFC South champion. Playing the Falcons or Panthers on the road sound better than playing the Saints and Drew Brees at the Superdome, no matter the struggles they have had this season.

So I, for one, will be rooting for the Bears.

Who do you want to win?

Use this post as your open thread.