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Cardinals vs. Seahawks preview: Ed Reed says Seattle defense 'is very hungry'

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The Inside the NFL crew previews Cards/Hawks

We all know it is a big game this weekend between the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, and Showtime's Inside the NFL panel was asked their thoughts on the game.

Former NFL start Ed Reed was the first to chime in, talking about how the Seattle defense will get in Ryan Lindley's face.

"They are moving the offensive linemen back, so they're going to have some guys right there in the quarterback's face," he explained. "And if you're the back up to the backup and you've got a lineman in your face and you're trying to make a throw, it's going to sail. And Earl Thomas back there and that defense, I like some interceptions."

Boomer Esiason pointed out how the task is very tall for Lindley. He cites how Seattle's defense, the closer you look at their defense, is just getting better every week.

Michael Irvin talked about the championship mentality, waiting for the final quarter of the season to crank things up, "and they have crunk this thing up."

None of what they are saying is incorrect. Can the Cardinals overcome all this?