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Week 16 Madden Simulation: Does Lindley win the biggest game of the season?

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I simulated this game 10 times, and the outcome was the same every time. Who pulled it off?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest game of the year is 24 hours away. The Cardinals come in as seven point underdogs at home. As part of our weekly Madden simulation, I did something a little different. This time I simulated the game 10 times with the projected starters for Sunday. The outcome was the same. Seattle won 10/10 games, each time with Arizona scoring more than 14 twice, more than 10 four times, and less than 10 four more times.

They averaged 9.5 points during the 10 game simulation.

Seattle on the other hand fared much better. Arizona only held them to sub 20 points twice. They scored more than 30 once, while the other seven simulations were of 21 points or more. The averaged 24.3 points per game.

Ryan Lindley did not look like the Lindley of hold however. He only threw more interceptions than touchdowns twice, and threw for 300+ yards seven times. He averaged 1.5 touchdowns per contest, to his one interceptions. He averaged 317 yards per game, with Floyd being his leading receiver every contest.

Russel Wilson threw less than 200 yards every game, and did not throw a single touchdown in any of his contests. He did throw two picks through the 10 games, which is still impressive.

Seattle was dominant on the ground. They averaged 113.6 yards per contest, while Arizona amassed 88.6 per contest. Lynch scored more than two touchdowns in all 10 games, fumbling twice over the 10 games. Arizona did not score a touchdown on the ground from their backs, nor fumbling, while getting one from Logan Thomas. (paused the sim to insert Logan Thomas on the goal line)

Defensively the numbers looked the same. The turnovers were -1 for the Cardinals, Arizona won the yardage battle, but could not stop Marshawn Lynch.

Ted Ginn was impressive for once, (he's rated 99 for some reason?) Averaging nearly 20 yards per return.

Chandler Catanzaro could not find a groove. He converted on less than 50% of his attempts through 10 simulations.

Madden Simulations have been the opposite for the Cardinals so far this season. It predicted Arizona to lose its first three games, only to have the Cardinals go 3-0. So here's to hoping it is wrong yet again.