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Cardinals vs. Seahawks: Predictions for Sunday Night Football

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Our staff gives their game predictions for the tilt between Arizona and Seattle.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks tilt on Sunday Night Football is huge. Cardinals fans are hoping for a huge upset that will give the team a division championship and the top seed in the NFC.

Instead of weekly picks for all the games in the NFL, I asked the writing staff to give their predictions for this game.

Here is what they think:

Jason Mulkey:

I'm not trying to sound like a homer here, but I have a gut feeling that the Cardinals can and will pull off an upset and shock the world with a win over the defending champion Seahawks. Like most every other win This season, it will not be pretty, but I believe this will be a strong defensive battle. I also believe Ryan Lindley will throw his first touchdown. The crowd at University of Phoenix Stadium will also be a huge factor as the Cardinals will win 19-13.

Randy Fields:

I'm an optimist and I'm going to say that home field helps Lindley and he throws his first TD in the NFL. The defense uses the home field to keep the pressure on Russell Wilson and while he is successful on the ground the Seahawks lose 16-13.

Catman leads the team with three FGs and Lindley's one and only TD are enough to pull out a win with the stingy Cardinals defense hungry for revenge!

Michael Oliver:

With Ryan Lindley at QB it'll be nigh on impossible to get any offensive production. We'll be heavily reliant on the defense who will keep us in the game until the 4th quarter but as they begin to tire I can see Russell Wilson scrambling more and making plays putting the game out of reach. 17-6 Seahawks.

Jesse Reynolds:

I'm not optimistic about this game. Arian's can blow all the hot air he wants, I'm still not buying Lindley. At what point has Lindley shown us anything? Sure people can blame Whisenhunt, the bad oline, it being 2012, or whatever else they want but excuses are like... well you know the saying, everyone has one and they all stink.

I foresee Seattle stacking the box like they did against Stanton and daring Arizona to pass. Lindley isn't going to get miraculously better with ten days of practice and he will throw interceptions. People are too easily forgetting the two near INTs he had against St. Louis (a much weaker secondary compared to Seattle). I do not think he will get that lucky against Seattle.

Despite my pessimism and strong reservations about Lindley I am not all doom and gloom about the game (just mostly). Seattle is likely to be missing most of their offensive line and with the return of Shaugnessy, the inspired play of Rucker and the general level of dominate play we can expect from Campbell, I think Seattle is going to struggle on offense almost as bad as we are likely too. The difference is that we will have a better chance at getting a ground game going than Seattle but that will not be enough. We have consistently shut down Lynch and will most likely shut him down again. The next task is to contain Wilson and make him throw the ball quickly, him scrambling is what cost the Cardinals the game in Seattle. It led to his lone TD and several huge gains that put them in either scoring position or flipped the field position on Arizona.

I see Seattle winning an ugly brawl on the back of their defense taking advantage of an over-matched Lindley. Our run game will do enough to keep us in it but without big plays from the QB position we will fall to the Seahawks and their increasingly obnoxious fans.

Robert Norman:

I'm a pessimist. I think the as "improved" as Ryan Lindley happens to be according to Arians, he still will make enough poor throws or decisions for at least one interception. The defense shuts down Lynch and Wilson, but a few mistakes will allow the Seahawks leave with a win. 13-10 Seahawks.

Alex Mann:

I'll go 13-10 Arizona.

Chandler Catanzaro will be the big factor in this game. If we can get into the 45-50 yard field goal range at home, he'll hit them. If Ryan Lindley can score at least one touchdown, move the ball well, and the run game can do what they've done the prior two weeks Arizona has a shot. That helps out the defense who was on the field for 35 minutes, most of that came in the second half when Arizona had 2/4 possessions end in a 3 and out, including the final seven minutes of the game which Seattle was able to kill.

Special teams will have to play much better than the last time. Seattle's averaging starting position was the 45 and Arizona still held them to 19 points. Drew Butler has been much better since then and he'll have to keep that up this week.

Lindley will prove to a lot of people he can play better than his 2012 self, and that will show in the final outcome.

Seth Cox:

Cards 10-9.

Crazy defensive game with little movement on offense. Cardinals are able to get a short field a couple of times and ride the legs of Kerwynn and Catman to a win and the one seed.


With three extra days to prepare and playing at home where we're undefeated this season I'm optimistic. Primarily a battle of field goals with both team's stingy defenses ruling the day and the Cardiac Cardinals winning late with a field goal 19-16. That winning field goal just may come in overtime.


Ugh. I don't know what to think. My head says it's more or less impossible. But I have felt all week the Cardinals could do the impossible this week. The defense and special teams will need to be on point. I think the team that wins scores on defense or special team. I'm picking Arizona to win 13-9.