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NFL Week 16 TV Coverage maps

What games are on where?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Week 16 already began. There was a game on Thursday and two games on Saturday. There is a big game on Sunday Night Football between the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks.

But what about the Sunday games? Who will be on TV where you live? There are two games on CBS and one FOX broadcast. Here is what the coverage map looks like, via 506 Sports.

CBS Early games:

Due to NFL rules, there will be no game airing in Chicago, New Orleans, Tampa Bay or Miami.

Patriots/Jets will air in southern Florida (except where not airing any game) and the Northeast, from New Jersey and New York (excluding Buffalo and Rochester) all the way up to Maine.

Ravens/Texans can be seen in all of Texas and some bordering areas in New Mexico and Oklahoma, in Shreveport, in almost all Arkansas, in and around Knoxville in Tennessee, in Harrisburg, in DC, most of Maryland and  in parts of Virginia and West Virginia.

Browns/Panthers will be broadcast in most of Louisiana, a sliver of the southern border if Arkansas, in the Carolinas and a small border area in Virginia, in most of Georgia, some of the eastern border if Alabama, in most of Ohio, in Fort Wayne and a small pocket on the western border if Pennsylvania.

The rest of the country, including Arizona, will see Chiefs/Steelers.

CBS late games:

No game will air in the St. Louis area.

Bills/Raiders can be seen locally in northern California, in upstate New York and most of the northern border of Pennsylvania.

The rest of the country will see Colts/Cowboys.

FOX single game:

Lions/Bears will air in Washington, northern Idaho, the northwest corner of Montana, in much of Oregon, western Nevada, part of norther California bordering Nevada, in California between San Diego and Yuma, almost all Arizona, parts of the south and east borders of New Mexico, most of Oklahoma and most of Texas. In the North and Northeast, it will be seen in Philadelphia and much of Pennylvania, most of West Virginia, in Buffalo, in southern and western Ohio, most of Indiana, in Michigan, in most of Illinois (not the part near St. Louis), in a small area in the northeast of Missouri and in eastern Iowa.

Vikings/Dolphins will be broadcast in Minnesota, the Dakotas, northwest Wisconsin, some border areas in Montana and Wyoming, some border areas in Nebraska and Iowa, in Louisville, and in Miami and West Palm Beach.

Packers/Buccaneers will be airing in Florida (excluding the panhandle and Miami/West Palm Beach), most of Wisconsin, in northern Michigan, in much of Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

As the only late game on FOX, Giants/Rams can be seen in Houston, Charlotte, New York (not Buffalo) and New Jersey all the way to Maine, in Baltimore, in western Pennsylvania, in most of Ohio, in Missouri and some bordering areas in Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Everyone else will see Falcons/Saints.