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Cardinals vs. Seahawks 2nd half open thread

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Arizona is down. Can they turn it around?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It is halftime here at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Seattle Seahawks lead 14-3. It hasn't been very pretty thus far.

Seattle has a million penalties, but Russell Wilson is killing Arizona's defense with his legs. He rushed three times for 81 yards, including a 55-yarder, He also completed an 80-yard touchdown pass to tight end Luke Wilson.

Arizona got one scoring drive ending in three points, but the offense has been invisible. Seattle is outgaining Arizona on offense 318-64.

Can the Cardinals come back, or are we already looking ahead to the Panthers/Falcons game next weekend to see where Arizona will travel for wild card weekend?

Here is your second half game thread.


1. Language restrictions are removed for game thread, but only game threads. Keep the profanity out of regular threads after the game.

2. No trolling the visiting fans and, visiting fans, this is a Cardinals community. No trolling the Cardinals fans. No personal attacks in any case.

3. Do not request or share online game feeds. You will be banned.

Here are some Twitter widgets to follow during the game as well: