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Cardinals vs. Seahawks final score: Seattle embarrasses Arizona on Sunday Night Football

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The Cardinals offense was stiffled at home with third string QB Ryan Lindley at the helm and the defense played it's worst game ever.

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Normally I like to write something poetic to start my recaps but at this point I can’t. The Cardinals got it handed to them. I argued with Hawk fans this week that they would not dominate us and I was wrong. The Arizona Cardinals got straight dominated at home and it was embarrassing. They came into our house and embarrassed the Cardinals. The defense played its worst game of the season and the offense did what everyone (who is sane) predicted it would do with Lindley. Suck.

Read on if you have a strong stomach.

First Quarter

In a huge game for the Cardinals and Seahawks, the game started as billed, a battle of top defenses. Seattle started with the ball and exhibited some movement with several strong runs but were unable to move it further than midfield. The Cardinals forced the punt and were unable to do much besides convert a first down. Ryan Lindley completed his first pass of the game to Larry Fitzgerald for a first down. It was actually a nice play on a quick slant.

The run game wasn’t doing great but it was getting yards which is why it was surprising when Arians decided to throw the ball three straight times. One of the passes was way off the mark, so off the mark Seattle’s All World DB Earl Thomas overran the ball while trying to get to the open WR.

The Cardinals punted and again the Seahawks again started to move the ball well again getting to midfield before the defense made enough plays to force the punt.

The ensuing drive showed the most promise for the Cardinals as the Lindley took two deep shots, almost connecting on both. One was almost a catch but Michael Floyd was interfered and the penalty gave the Cardinals their first favorable field position of the game. The next play Lindley missed Floyd on another big pass, just throwing a bit outside. The Cardinals were forced to punt and again the Hawks had the ball.

But unlike last time the Cardinals played the Seahawks, the Cardinals actually were able to keep the field position battle in neutral instead of heavily favored to the Hawks. The Cardinals punt pinned the Hawks deep on their five yard line and after stuffing the Hawks their first play it seemed the Cardinals would take over with great field position.

Until Russell Wilson does what he does best and carved out a 55 yard run ending the first quarter. 0 – 0 start to the game.

Second Quarter

While some Cardinals fans would begin feeling depressed at this point, the defense we’ve come to expect did what we expect and stopped the Hawks from moving the ball any further. The Hawks opted for a 52 yard field goal.

But in the House that Arian’s built the winds of dome shifted and the kick went wide right. This gave the Cardinals favorable field position and the Cardinals offense took advantage. With some short runs, a few dink and dunk throws by Lindley (yes, I know, the guy I have been bagging on ALL week) helped move the ball inside the Hawks territory.

Then the Hawks decided to help out, lining up off-sides TWICE, on back-to-back plays that gave the Cardinals first down when the drive had looked all but stalled. Taking advantage of new life Arians called a brilliant screen play to none other than much maligned TE Rob Housler. The well-executed screen (yes, I just said we had a well-executed screen) moved the ball inside the Hawks red-zone and gave the Cardinals a legitimate scoring chance.

Sadly the Hawks defense stiffened up and the Cardinals stalled. Lindley almost threw another INT on third down, trying to throw over a Hawks DB. Thankfully it was just too high and the Cardinals were able to settle for a short field goal. Cardinals 3 – 0.

But the joy of a 3 – 0 lead didn’t last long. On the next series the Cardinals got over confident and got beat deep by a TE for a long TD. Ugh. Seahawks 7 – Cardinals 3.

It started to get ugly from there. Arian’s deciding to get cute put Logan Thomas in and tried to run a trick play by rolling right and throwing left. Something the NBC commentators said was a rehash of an old Superbowl play. After that Arians decided to keep throwing the ball and the Cardinals got zero yards and were pinned super deep in their red zone. The ensuing punt gave the Hawks great field position.

The Cards stopped the first play but than Tyrann Mathieu missed an easy sack, giving up another big run to Wilson. In a game were the defense needs to play perfect they were playing like idiots. Giving up big runs to Wilson and playing over aggressive.

The defense was unable to stop the Hawks as they marched down the field giving up a TD to Marshawn Lynch on a short run to the right. Seahawks 14 – Cardinals 3.

With the ball back and Ted Ginn Jr deciding to take a knee instead of attempting to run it back like an idiot, the Cardinals actually started to move the ball on the arm of Lindley and the penalty tendencies of the Hawks who again couldn’t keep their hands off WRs and helmets. The drive stalled at midfield with Arians continuing to pass it and not run it, allowing the Hawks to pin back their ears and blitz. Lindley took a huge shot by the former Cardinal O’Brien Schofield that pretty much ended the drive making it 3rd and 20.

Thankfully (if there is anything to be thankful for) the Hawks had an unnecessary roughing penalty on the punt pinning the Hawks deep. And as I wrote that I got shot in the foot as the Cardinals defense gave up a first down run and then a big pass play. The defense stepped up and held the Hawks.

Oye. Seahawks 14 – Cardinals 3 Halftime.

Halftime Stats

First Downs: Seattle 12, Arizona 9

Total Yards: Seattle 305, Arizona 64

Rushing: Seattle 146, Arizona 20

Wilson: 10-19, 159 yards and 1 TD. 3 rushes for 81 yards.

Lindley: 5-15, 54 yards and sacked once.

Third Quarter

At this point it’s difficult to write this as Lindley and the offense just went three and out. A run for a three yard loss and two incompletions, plus the Hawks again getting great field position.

The first play for the Hawks is a big play action that immediately put them on the edge of field goal range. The defense stiffened up, giving the Hawks a 49 yard field goal attempt. AND HE MISSED IT AGAIN! Yay, some hope!

The Cardinals again getting field position did nothing with it as Arian’s decided to keep passing it on a third and one. No hope if you can’t get a yard.

Pinned deep in their own territory the Hawks take over again, with two runs for a total of six yards the defense stepped up huge with Peterson almost coming up with an INT due to huge pressure up the middle. The stop forced a punt giving the Cardinals great field position to start the drive.

For the Cardinals offense and home field playoff hopes, it’s now or never. And it appears to be for naught as the Cardinals quickly found themselves in a third and long. The drive ended with Floyd dropping a pass intended for Larry Fitzgerald. The punt went long, giving the Hawks the ball at the twenty.

With the defense back out on the field, the game is starting to look a lot like the game in Seattle. The offense consistently sucking and the defense giving up a few big plays and eventually getting tired out.

And just like that it happened again, another huge play as Patrick Peterson fell down on the play, letting Doug Baldwin get a huge gain to the Cardinals 29.

If I didn’t have to write this article I might turn off the game because the Cardinals are getting their butts whooped. If not for Seattle missing three field goals by Steve Hauschka I wouldn’t have any hope at this point.

The Cardinals did nothing with the ball and were unable to convert another 3rd and 1. But they were able to convert a 4th and 1 with a very hard fought run by Stephen Taylor. But wait, there is more! Lindley finally completed a pass and it was a big catch by Floyd moving the ball into field goal range and the edge of the red zone.

The next play deflated hopes a bit with a sack on Lindley but Lindley decided to be an NFL QB and completed the next pass for 14 yards getting the ball inside the 15 for a third and four. Unlucky for the Cards, Lindley mishandled the snap and while not losing the ball he was unable to do anything and just threw the ball away. The Cardinals had to settle for a field goal putting the game to Seattle 14 – Cardinals 6, with 59 seconds left to play in the third quarter.

The Hawks with the ball back ended the quarter with Lynch making the defense look silly, getting two nice gains on two runs.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter started well with a huge sack on Wilson but that was about it as the next play Wilson hit another huge play to TE Wilson for a huge gain and then hitting him again for a TD. Bowles decided to forget how to coach and put lovable but slow as molasses Larry Foote in man coverage where he got beat twice on both passes and pretty much ended the Cardinals chances of a victory with Lindley at the helm.

You can go the comment sections now if you haven’t already as from here on out will not be much but big plays.

Lynch scores a career long TD in which Peterson went for the strip and I turned off the game.