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Cardinals vs. Seahawks: Player of the Game Poll

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A couple players decided to show up on Sunday in the Cardinals loss to the division rival Seattle Seahawks.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a look at these lone heroes in this week's Player of the Game Poll.

1) Chandler Catanzaro

Catanzaro was arguably the team MVP.  Making two FGs (27 yards and 32 yards), he was the team's leading (and only) scorer.  Since missing two FGs against the Chiefs a couple of weeks ago, Catanzaro has managed to get it together and become the reliable kicker we have all grown to love.

2) Alex Okafor

Okafor recorded the lone Arizona sack, bringing QB Russell Wilson down for a loss of 10 yards.  He also deflected a pass, and had 6 tackles (4 solo).  It was a good performance from a player who has really stepped up this season.

3) Steven Hauschka

You may question my decision to include a non-Arizona player on this list.  However, Hauschka arguably kept the Cardinals in the game more than any other player on Sunday.  By missing all three of his FG attempts, Hauschka enabled the Cardinals to stay in the game until the 4th quarter.  What should have been a 23-6 game was in fact 14-6 up until the final 15 minutes, meaning the Cardinals were technically within 1 possession of the Seahawks for almost the entire game.  So for that, we thank Steven Hauschka (who, in his defense, is considered one of the better kickers in the league).

Who do you think deserves the game ball?  Vote in the poll, or comment below if you think it should be awarded to someone not listed here.