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A look at every Logan Thomas throw in 2014

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The rookie is 1/9. Let's see every throw.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals will send out Logan Thomas to start at quarterback in Week 17 in San Francisco. On the season, Thomas is 1/9 for 81 yards and a touchdown.

Kent Hodder tweeted all 11 of his snaps so far on the season. Let's take a look. The first 10 were against the Broncos and the last was against Seattle.

Play No. 1

Thomas takes too deep a drop and Demarcus Ware sacks him. Jared Veldheer is beat, but Thomas shouldn't be that far back.

Play No. 2

Thomas takes another deep drop, but instead of making a read and throw the ball, he decides to step up into the pressure and get sacked for the second play in a row.

Play No. 3

Thomas doesn't drop back too deep, but throws the ball near the feet of Andre Ellington.

Play No. 4

Here he is making the throw to his first read -- but he is nowhere near on target, nor does he have the right timing to make the play.

Play No. 5

This GIF is unfortunately just a bit too short. It is the touchdown pass he threw to Andre Ellington. He sees that a linebacker is covering Ellington and guns the ball in there before the defender has turned around. Tiny window, perfectly placed ball and some nifty moves and speed by Ellington means 81 yards and a score.

Play No. 6

On third and three, Thomas throws to his first read, Ted Ginn who is sitting on the sticks to get the first down. Thomas' throw is a tad behind Ginn, but the rookie gets no help from his receiver and it is incomplete. It should have been caught.

Play No. 7

Ted Larsen is beaten on the play and the defender flushes Thomas out of the pocket. He simply throws the ball away.

Play No. 8

Thomas feels pressure coming on his right from Von Miller. Instead of making a throw to John Carlson, whom he does not see, he runs left into some more pressure and throws the ball down the field to the let sideline. Another incompletion. It sails out of bounds.

Play No. 9

Thomas has time to throw and he stays in the pocket. He has three receivers to choose from and chooses to throw it to Michael Floyd, who had come across the field. Thomas' throw his behind Floyd and high and Floyd only makes a one-handed effort to get to the ball rather than reaching back with both hands.

Play No. 10

Thomas drops back, makes a read (his first one) and throws the ball to Mochael Floyd. Notice Thomas' feet. He doesn't step into his throw and the ball sails high.

That's all from his appearance in Denver.

Now for the last play, against Seattle.

Play No. 11

In his only play against the Seahawks, he is brought in near his own goalline. Some pressure comes from between Paul Fanaika and Bobby Massie. Where was that throw heading? Who was the intended receiver? It probably should  have been intentional grounding, which would have resulted in a safety.

In 11 plays, the tape isn't pretty. Hopefully, with a full week of practice reps, he will be more comfortable in the pocket and can make better throws.