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NFC playoff picture: Arizona Cardinals still with chance to win NFC West, but most likely 5th seed

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NumberFire gives most likely scenarios.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals, at 11-4, fell from the top of the NFC West after leading the division all season. They are in the  playoffs, but it now looks unlikely the Cardinals will win the NFC West.

But they are not eliminated.

According to, the Arizona Cardinals have a nine percent chance of winning the division. In terms of what is required, Arizona must defeat the San Francisco 49ers on the road and the Seattle Seahawks must not beat the St. Louis Rams at home.

Seattle has lost only twice at home in three seasons. It's not likely going to happen, especially when the Seahawks will want to avenge a loss to the Rams earlier in the season.

The most likely NFC playoff seeding looks like this, according to NumberFire:

1. Seattle Seahawks
2. Green Bay Packers
3. Dallas Cowboys
4. Atlanta Falcons
5. Arizona Cardinals
6. Detroit Lions

With this seeding, the Packers are projected to beat the Lions in Week 17 and the Falcons are expected to beat the Panthers.

That would mean Arizona would return to Atlanta to face the Falcons during Wild Card Weekend, where they lost 29-18 earlier in the season.

After the way the season started for Arizona, it is a disappointing end. At the same time, it is still quite the accomplishment, considering the injury losses the team has suffered.

Nine percent is not much of a shot. But it is a chance. So, for the most optimistic fans, perhaps you should feel like this: