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Merry Christmas from ROTB (a holiday open thread)

if you will, tell us about your holiday.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

It is Christmas Day. On behalf of all the ROTB staff and most certainly from me, we wish you the most blessed day you can possibly imagine.

It is an honor to cover and write about your (and my) favorite football team. Thanks for reading and participating.

But today is more about family, food, giving and, for many, Christ.

There is no Christmas NFL game today like there was a few years ago when the Cardinals pulled off a Christmas miracle with John Skelton and defeated the Dallas Cowboys.

So enjoy the day with friends and family if you can.

This will serve as your open thread for the day.

Tell us about your day and you can even share what gifts you might have gotten or received. If you got any Cardinals gear, be sure to share it with us.