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Cardinals vs. 49ers: Logan Thomas reportedly benched, Ryan Lindley to start

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Thomas quickly reached his hook, and has been benched for Sundays game.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Arians has played the role of the Grinch this Christmas, benching Logan Thomas in favor of the horrendous Ryan Lindley. The report comes from AZCentral's Kent Somers, who tweeted on Thursday Arians "uses the 'quick hook' with Thomas."

This comes a few days after Arians said Thomas would get a short rope. No one knew how short that rope would be, but three days later, it appeared pretty short. Lindley will get his seventh NFL start, and still has yet to throw a touchdown pass, and has more interceptions than NFL starts.

Fans were excited for Logan Thomas -- not because they thought he was going to tear it up, but because no one has any idea what he can do.

Arians made the initial decision to go with Thomas following a poor outing by Lindley on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, a loss which dropped Arizona from the NFC West lead and NFC number one seed. He cited the need to "find out what Logan can do."

Arians has stressed the decision to go initially with Thomas was not about Lindley's play and that he could go back to the third-year player because he trusts him. Thomas' play in practice must have been very poor to get him pulled so quickly.

Sunday's match up against the San Francisco 49ers is a must win if Arizona has any hope of reclaiming both. We will see if Lindley can rebound and give Arizona their 12th win of the season, which would be the franchise's first since moving to the desert.

Does this mean Thomas is a bust? Probably not. He was not supposed to play at all this season. His benching now should not necessarily mean his future with the team is in jeopardy.