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Bruce Arians confirms Ryan Lindley is starter, denies any knowledge of Stanton infection

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The coach is playing coy.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Because of how Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians handles his media sessions during the week, we don't have anything from him about the two big stories coming out of the team facility, at least until now.

Two stories -- Logan Thomas being benched in favor of Ryan Lindley as starting quarterback for this weekend and the report that quarterback Drew Stanton might be done for the year after an issue with infection in his knee -- now have been addressed by Arians.

Arians, speaking to the media after Friday's practice, confirmed he made the switch from Thomas to Lindley. According to Kent Somers, the change was all about how Thomas looked in practice.

Arians even lamented having named Thomas the starter earlier in the week, but said, "it is what it is." Arians said the move to Lindley was made because he gives the Cards the best chance to win.

As for the reported infection situation with Stanton, Arians claimed no knowledge. He insisted Stanton is on schedule to hopefully play in the team's first postseason game, which will most likely be next weekend.

"I have no idea about infections and all that," Arians told reporters. "You can talk to the doctors about that stuff. He's on schedule for next week."

Stanton has not been at practice all week, a change from last week, when he was present and even got some work in. Arians said Stanton has been at home resting.

Unfortunately, the fact that Stanton is at home resting instead of being present at practice to get mental reps lends one to think the situation is worse than Arians is leading on.

Another thing that will make Cardinals fans worry is the fact that Arians believes Lindley, who has yet to show in any of his career starts he can be even an average quarterback, gives Arizona a better chance of winning than Thomas. Many hope Thomas can develop into the team's QB of the future. If he can't beat out a struggling Lindley, that is a blow to that hope.

Can the Cardinals beat a depleted San Francisco 49ers team with little to play for other than pride, even with Lindley starting? Will the offense look better playing against someone other than the Seahawks, or will it continue to struggle with quarterback woes?