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Cardinals vs. 49ers 2nd half game thread

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Arizona is leading and the Seahawks are down 6. Can the Cardinals do the unthinkable?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals started quickly and got an early 7-0 lead, but big plays given up by the defense led to the 49ers pulling ahead 13-7. However, after a field goal and a 41-yard touchdown pass to Michael Floyd, Arizona leads the game 17-13.

Lindley has looked both good and bad. He had an interception to go with his touchdown, but he also had another couple of throws that could have been turnovers as well. But in that final drive before the half, Lindley looked like a big time passer.

At the half, Lindley is 16/25 for 260 yards, two TDs and an interception.

The running game has been effective, too. They rushed 16 times for 64 yards.

Can Arizona get the win and can the Rams pull off the upset in Seattle? They lead 6-0 at the half.

Use this as your second half thread.


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