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NFC playoff picture: Seahawks, Panthers clinch; Cardinals headed to Carolina

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The NFC is set. Arizona will head on the road to play Cam Newton and the red-hot Panthers.

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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Well, for the Arizona Cardinals, everything happened wrong. Heading into Sunday, they could have gotten the NFC's top seed with a win over  the 49ers, a win by the Rams over the Seahawks and a win by the Lions over the Packers. None of those things happened. Arizona lost, Seattle won and Green Bay won.

But the NFC playoff picture is complete.

These are the final standings:

1. Seattle Seahawks 12-4
2. Green Bay Packers 12-4
3. Dallas Cowboys 12-4
4. Carolina Panthers 7-8-1
5. Arizona Cardinals 11-5
6. Detroit Lions 11-5

Seattle and Green Bay will have first round byes.

The matchup for next weekend will be the Cardinals at the Panthers, who won their final four games to make the postseason, winning the NFC South, and the Lions at the Cowboys.

Arizona led the NFC West for 15 weeks and held the top spot in the NFC as well, but losses to the Seahawks and the 49ers did them in.

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