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NFL playoff schedule: Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers on ESPN to open Wild Card Weekend

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Arizona play in the first game of the weekend.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NFL released the playoff schedule for the first two weeks of the postseason. The Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers will kick off the weekend on Saturday.

There will be two Saturday games and two Sunday games on Wild Card Weekend.

Here is how the opening weekend looks like:

Saturday games:

Game 1: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers, 4:25 PM Eastern (2:25 PM AZ time) on ESPN

Game 2: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers, 8:15 PM Eastern (6:15 PM AZ time) on NBC

Sunday games:

Game 1: Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts, 1:05 PM Eastern (11:05 AM AZ time) on CBS

Game 2: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys, 4:40 PM Eastern (2:40 PM AZ time) on FOX

Arizona opens as five-point underdogs against the Panthers, who ended the regular season winning four straight to win their division, including a convincing 34-3 clinching win over the Atlanta Falcons in Week 17. Arizona started 9-1, clinched a playoff berth in Week 15 and limped to the finish line of the regular season, going 2-4 in their final six games.

The Seattle Seahawks and  Green Bay Packers earned a first round bye and will await the winners of the NFC games, while the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos wait for the winners of the AFC wild card games.

For the divisional round the following weekend, the schedule looks like this:

  • New England will host their playoff opener Saturday at 4:35 PM Eastern (2:35 PM AZ time) on NBC.
  • The Seahawks will host their game against the lowest remaining seed on Saturday at 8:15 PM Eastern (6:15 PM AZ time) on FOX.
  • The Packers will host their playoff opener on Sunday at 1:05 PM Eastern (11:05 AM AZ time) on FOX
  • The Broncos will open their postseason on CBS on Sunday at 4:40 PM Eastern (2:40 AZ time).