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Cardinals vs. 49ers: What was the Arizona play of the game?

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There were a few good ones. Which is your favorite?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Despite the loss to the hapless 49ers there were several awesome plays made by the Cardinals. Mostly it was the Michael Floyd show, but some other players made some hits.

Michael Floyd 20-yard flea flicker TD: On the Cardinals' opening drive of the game, the offense was firing on all cylinders. Getting into the redzone the Cardinals pulled out a nice trick play, using the flea flicker to get Floyd open and score Ryan Lindley's first NFL TD.

Michael Floyd 41-yard TD grab: With under a minute left in the first half, Lindley finds a wide open Floyd on the Niners five-yard line. Catching the drifting pass, Floyd somehow was able to get into the endzone on a huge hit by the Niners safety. The game put the momentum squarely into the Cardinals hands.

Sam Acho's sack: On San Fran's first possession of the fourth quarter, Sam Acho and his Texas counterpart Alex Oakafor broke into the Niners' backfield. Oakafor forced Kaep out of the pocket and into the waiting arms of Acho. The huge sack for 15 yards forced a three-and-out for the Niners and gave momentum back to the Cardinals.

Anything I left out? Put your play of the game in the comment sections and sound off!