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ROTB Roundtable: Playoffs, Changes, and NFC Byes

After two straight losses, the Cardinals find themselves faced with a lot of concerning questions.

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The ROTB Writing Staff took on three of these in this week's Roundtable edition.

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1) Having lost their last two games by pretty wide margins, how confident are you that the team can make the Playoffs?

BigRedBilly: Hard to imagine a 9-3 team could have their backs to the wall, but with all-around team performances like the last two games, if we can't right the ship we'll have to cross our fingers on a 6th seed.  Without going overboard and hoping for too much, splitting two of our remaining four games would do the trick (especially if one of those is vs. the Seahawks).

Robert Norman: Not very confident. The Cardinals didn't provide much hope over the past two games. I agree with Billy, if the Cardinals don't win at least two games they could miss the playoffs again after winning 10 games.

Jesse Reynolds: I'm not very optimistic at this point. The offense has come to a screeching halt under Drew Stanton and with the slate of games left on our schedule we will be lucky to win one. I just don't believe in Stanton at all and I don't think our defense will be good enough to win games on their own. Not after how they played in Atlanta.

Jess Root: I'm only sort of confident. Their final stretch is tough against some very good defenses, which does not bode well with the team's offensive struggles. Teams starting 8-1 have never missed the playoffs, so there's that. History is on their side.

2) What changes do you think the team should make in response to their recent struggles?

BigRedBilly: First off, it's Jonathan Cooper time, and hopefully he and Michael Bush can fill a void that needs filling.  I don't see much hope if we can't improve the running game.  And it might be time to pull out all the stops and think about punt receiving duties for Patrick Peterson too.

Robert Norman: None. While Cooper should continue to get playing time, trying to make starter changes at this point would be moot. It is the players on the field who need to play better. Last Sunday was a symposium on how not to open field tackle and the offense has to start running the football. It won't matter who runs the football if there are no holes.

Jesse Reynolds: Besides Coop, none. Unless Logan Thomas has developed into a pro bowl QB sitting on the bench...

Jess Root: It's about execution. They have to execute. It will be very good to get Matt Shaughnessy back. Afte all the injuries, what changes can you make? Cooper? Grice? Bush? Their depth has already been severely tested.

3) Which teams do you predict will earn first round byes in the NFC?

BigRedBilly: Count the Packers in as one of the two teams, and as much as it hurts to say it, at this point I would have to go with the Eagles too (even though we own the tie-breaker).

Robert Norman: Green Bay and Philadelphia. Philly has at least two or three wins left on their schedule and Green Bay could have four wins if they need to play for the bye against Detroit the last game of the season.

Jesse Reynolds: The Packers and Eagles will likely finish with the best two records.

Jess Root: I'm keeping the faith -- Arizona and Green Bay.