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Arizona Cardinals to have one of league's toughest schedules in 2015

At least that's how it looks based on this year's records.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

While the Arizona Cardinals look ahead to this weekend in the playoffs, most teams are looking ahead to 2015. Let's glance ahead for a bit and see how tough the 2015 schedule will be.

We know the Cardinals will play the NFC West teams twice, the AFC North and the NFC North.

As it turns out, Arizona has one of the NFL's toughest schedules. SB Nation's Blogging the Boys took an early look at the strength of schedule numbers and Arizona will have the fourth toughest schedule in the league, based on 2014 records.

The three teams ahead of them are the Steelers, Rams and Bengals. Just behind the Cardinals are the Seahawks.

Arizona's 2015 opponents include Seattle, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Green Bay, Detroit and Philadelphia, all of which finished with at least 10 wins in 2014.

Arizona looks ahead to 2015 with a lot of optimism, especially with the return of Darnell Dockett, Andre Ellington and Carson Palmer from injuries. If they are to repeat to the postseason, they will have earned it.