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Todd Bowles sought by all NFL teams with head coaching vacancy

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Bowles will have his choice of teams to interview with.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It was well known Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles wpuld draw interest as a head coaching candidate this offseason. It is official -- every team with a vacancy would like to interview him.

AZCentral's Kent Somers reported it early Tuesday -- every team with a vacancy at head coach has contacted the Arizona Cardinals requesting permission to interview Bowles.

Those teams are the San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, New York Jets and Oakland Raiders.

It was already reported the Falcons and 49ers had requested permission, but head coach Bruce Arians did not know of any such requests as of Monday.

However, Arians confirmed the Somers report on SiriusXM NFL Radio, when he appeared on "Late Hits." He indicated all five teams submitted the necessary paperwork. He also said Bowles "wants to be a head coach" and Arians said "he deserves it and has earned the right" when he spoke to reporters on Tuesday.

The team will work it into the schedule next week if the Cardinals win on Saturday so he can interview with a team or teams he wants, "but it's not going to affect his focus on next week's game."

Many speculate he would be a good fit in Atlanta, as the team already has a quarterback and offensive weapons. Others say Chicago. Arians says Bowles "is happy in Arizona," but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be happy taking a head coaching job.