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After missing regular season finale, Larry Foote ready to give everything in postseason

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The veteran knows his time may soon be up.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Veteran linebacker Larry Foote was missed on Sunday. He had played all one snap of the previous 15 games, but a knee injury sidelined him in the season finale. Kevin Minter and undrafted rookie Glenn Carson stepped in for him and combined for 15 tackles between the two, one for a loss, but the defense did not look the same as when the veteran Foote was out there getting players in position.

Foote will be back this weekend and will play with urgency.

After a week off, Foote told NBC Sports 1060 reporter Ed Cole he feels "great."

"It's the playoffs," said Foote. "Ain't no time for injuries or worrying about your body."

Foote says he needs to "lead by example through the week."

Foote is an experienced player in the postseason, having played for the Steelers for so many years, including a championship against the Cardinals.

He led the team with 105 tackles on the year, and he had two sacks and an interception. He will play with urgency this postseason.

"At 34, this might be my last one, so I'm gonna give it my all," he said.

If this his final season, he won't want to have a one-and-done postseason. Neither do the Cardinals.