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Has Drew Stanton's play made quarterback a 2015 NFL Draft need?

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The 2015 NFL Draft may not be loaded with talent, but do the Cardinals need to find another quarterback to back up Carson Palmer?

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Two knee surgeries, a bum elbow, a nerve issues in his shoulder, turning 35 before the 2015 season starts, and coming in as one of the ten highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL, Carson Palmer is your starter in 2015 barring something crazy happening over his rehab this off season.

When 2015 starts, is everyone comfortable with Drew Stanton still being the guy in waiting if Palmer goes down?

The question can be asked going forward if Stanton is the guy to back up Palmer, if he's the guy to give the reigns to if Palmer goes down again.

This is not to say that bringing back Drew Stanton is a bad idea, he's under contract for a reasonable amount and he has done an excellent job as a spot starter.

The problem is he's clearly not been the force the Cardinals need to drive them forward.

While there are still four games to turn around the season, his home/away splits are awful and take into account this tweet from @LordReebs from Wednesday.

ARI has scored a TD on 10 of 74 drives in games started by Drew Stanton. If where you want to go is 3 & out, then yes, he'll take you there.

- Rich Hribar (@LordReebs) December 3, 2014

That's right, the Cardinals offense has only scored ten touchdowns under Stanton in 74 chances, which to say the least is awful.

The options, well there are some intriguing ones in the veteran department.

If you cannot get a Marcus Mariota in the draft and you are opposed to Jameis Winston because of his inconsistencies and off the field issues, then you may be out of luck.

Maybe Brett Hundley is an option at the end of round one, but are they ready to pull the trigger?

The rest of the names are not really any better than Logan Thomas, so why bring in another guy you have to wait to be ready?

Maybe it will be time to bring in another, different veteran option to back up Palmer in 2015.

Brian Hoyer? Meh.

Ryan Mallett? He showed some things before getting injured.

Mark Sanchez? Does he get out of Philadelphia and if so, can he fit in Arians offense (I personally do not think so).

What about Jake Locker?

The interesting name to me would be another veteran, but one that has shown the ability to fill in well in the past, and that is Shaun Hill of St. Louis.

Or is it just too early to talk about it?

Should we let the Stanton era run its course before we make any decisions, or have you seen enough to know?