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Change QB from Drew Stanton? That makes Bruce Arians laugh

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The head coach can't believe he is getting that question.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

After two straight losses and a backup quarterback starting, the question naturally comes up -- should the Arizona Cardinals make a change at quarterback? Arizona head coach Bruce Arians was asked that when he was on SiriusXM Radio Tuesday. He was asked about it on Wednesday in his local media session.

He thought the question was hilarious.

"That's the dumbest damn question I've ever heard in my life, I swear to God," he said, laughing. "I had a laugh when I heard it on the radio. I was like, 'Really?' That put a smile on my face."

He went into detail.

"They guy is 3-3 as a starter in the National Football League. He's played very well. He's had a tough two games, but the guys playing around him haven't played very well."

Arians said he was "surprised they weren't blaming (him) more," and went ahead and took the blame, saying "I haven't given him enough stuff to win with." He said "a better damn game plan" was what Stanton needed.

Stanton's numbers don't look good over the last two and a half games. Since throwing two touchdown passes in the first two drives against the Detroit Lions, he has thrown only one touchdown and five interceptions. The offense has only one touchdown and a pair of field goals in that time period.

But Arians said Stanton has really only had one really bad throw, which happened last weekend against the Falcons, when he as intercepted for the second time. He completely missed Michael Floyd. Even with the first interception, Arians didn't really blame Stanton. He said it could have been down six inches, but Jaron Brown should make the play. "I've seen him make that catch," he said.

Arians said Stanton "has been spot on with his reads." What he needs is for his teammates "to do a better job of getting open and we need to do a hell of a better job at pass protection."

No, Stanton is not going anywhere. He is the starter. More importantly, especially with the team still in first place, who would the play if they moved on from Stanton? Logan Thomas and his one completion in eight attempts? Ryan Lindley and his zero touchdown passes in his NFL career?

You can see why Arians would laugh at that question.

Stanton can play better, but so can his teammates. He plays much better at home, so this weekend should be a better game for him, despite playing a top-10 defense.

Are people overreacting to the play of Stanton? Is there real reason for concern? Where are you at on the panic meter?