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What do the Arizona Cardinals need to do to give themselves the edge?

We answer another question from Marshall Faulk.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk has a new question for SB Nation. Here it is.

To be GMC Professional Grade you must be precise. The playoffs demand precision, as the talent gap has narrowed considerably. As the last month of regular season winds down, what areas need to be sharpened to give your team an edge, so they can be elite?

The Arizona Cardinals are struggling right now, so there is a lot that can be fixed.

What is that?

What did the Cardinals do well while they built up their lead in the NFC? They didn't turn the ball over, they created turnovers and stopped the run.

Over the last three games, Drew Stanton has thrown five interceptions. They have lost the turnover battle for three straight weeks. They have given up over 100 yards on the ground for two consecutive games and gave up 98 against the Lions.

I think we found the problem.

Plus, offensively, they can't stay on the field. Up until three weeks ago, they were very effective on third down.

So over the final four games, Arizona needs to get back to what made them good. They need to win the turnover battle and stop the run. They need to play better on third down.

Doing those things will be enough to help them win football games. They won't be the prettiest wins, but they will still be wins and in the playoff race and in the postseason, there is no such thing as style points.

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