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Thursday Night Football, Cowboys vs. Bears open thread and picks

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It's game time.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It is time for Thursday Night Football. In one week, it will the Cardinals playing in St. Louis. Tonight it is the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears.

This could be a really fun game to watch. Both teams have offensive weapons and questionable defenses, so it's possible that one or both teams put up 50 points. But the quarterbacks are also Jay Cutler and Tony Romo and they are playing in December. As such, it is also possible that we see 10 interceptions in the game.

If you are cheering at home, it is better for the Cardinals if the Cowboys  because they are in the playoff mix.

Here are the staff picks for the game.

Jess Root Robert Norman Jesse Reynolds Jason Mulkey Seth Cox Skii Alex Mann Delilah Cassidy

The Cowboys are favored by 3.5. With the straight up pick of Chicago, I will take the points. I always like taking the home team if it isn't a huge mismatch on Thursday night. Chicago has struggled on offense at times, but they have weapons, but Dallas' defense isn't good. The offense has just kept them off the field more. Plus, it is December, which means it is time for the Cowboys to start falling apart.

What do you think? Use this as your open thread.