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Arizona Cardinals stats, both good and bad

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Just a look at some interesting stats.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I ran across a few tweets over the past couple of days that I thought might make for a good post if I could get to it. But instead of doing an  article to comment on each particular stat, I thought I would put them all here in one article and allow you all to see some of the good and the bad.

Here they are:

That's fun, especially for the $3.25 million Ted Ginn is making.

Imagine if the Cardinals didn't have a Larry Fitzgerald. This could get ugly. Does John Carlson have half of these?

This is awesome. With all the problems the Cardinals have had at left tackle over the years, this is a move that has paid dividends. How did he end up making it to the open market? Thanks, Raiders.


I think we have the recipe for success with Stanton. Keep him clean.