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Cardinals vs. Chiefs preview: Madden gives Arizona close win with playoffs in the balance

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Jamaal Charles. Cat Man. What more could you expect from a week 14 game?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Revenge of the Birds is back, and bringing to you the closing weeks of the regular season Madden simulation segment. Madden is currently 6-6 in predicting the outcomes of the Cardinals games. Being .500 is not too bad considering the twists and turns this season has brought the birds of the desert.

All-pro, 10 second excel clock, Drew Stanton, Stepfan Taylor, and no Larry Fitzgerald. With that we bring you the long awaited game at University of Phoenix Stadium - Madden Style.

Finals Score: Cardinals 19, Chiefs 17

This game came down to the wire and ended with the Cardinals in victor formation with 30 seconds left to play. Although the contest was close, some key matchups were very one sided.

Drew Stanton fared much better in the simulation and we hope this is how he comes to play of Sunday, going 28 for 42 with a 66% completion percentage, 290 yards, and one touchdown. Alex Smith performed favorably after coming off of a rough matchup against the Denver Broncos last week. He passed for 275 yards, a 66% completion percentage (very weird I must admit), and a touchdown. However, the one interception that Smith threw gives Stanton the edge in this matchup.

The Chiefs outweighed their slightly lack in quarterback performance in compassion to the Cardinals with a stellar ground attack. In all honesty, who expected less from Jamaal Charles? He had 107 yards and a touchdown on 23 attempts while Andre Ellington's replacement, Stepfan Taylor, had 41 yards and no scores on the same number of attempts. Let's hope Ellington gets better soon.

With great quarterback performances comes stellar wide receiving numbers. The Cardinals leading wide receiver, Ted Ginn Jr, had 9 grabs for 107 yards. Michael Floyd also had a great day with 6 catches for 72 yards. However, it was the rookie sensation John Brown that hauled in the touchdown along with his 4 catches and 52 yards. The Chiefs receiving core was split pretty evenly. Dwyane Bowe led his team with 9 catches for 70 yards. The second year tight end out of Cincinnati, Travis Kelce had 4 catches for 59 yards. Once again, the wide receivers in Kansas City do not attract a touchdown as the pass went in the air to Jamaal Charles in the final minutes of the game.

Larry Foote recorded a whooping 14 tackles in the victory, followed closely by Tony Jefferson with 11. However, the Cards recorded no sacks and only one tackle for loss by Matt Shaughnessy, who just returned from an injury. None other than Patrick Peterson caught the singular interception. Madden did not predict that he shushed the crowd after making the catch -- just saying.

The Chiefs defense came up big in this one as they recorded 5 tackles for losses. Three of those tackles game from Justin Huston, who led his team in tackles with 11 and sacks with 2 of the 3 on the day. Have a day Justin Huston! Cardinals better watch out for this guy on Sunday if Madden in anywhere near correct.

Both kickers were perfect. Chief's kicker Cairo Santos was good from 38. Rookie Chandler Catanzaro went 4 for 4 from 30, 47, 31, 33. Although it's great, the Cardinals need to get 6 instead of three when they are in the red zone.

Overall, it looks like it will be a good game. As always, we put our full confidence in the Cardinals. See you Sunday!