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Cardinals vs. Chiefs live blog and reactions

Time for some good old football.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It is time. The Arizona Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs are set to play. Both teams are on two-game losing streaks and both are in desperate situations. Arizona is clinging to their spot atop the NFC and the Chiefs are trying to stay in the mix.

This really is a turning point for Arizona. If they get things right, they are in control again. If they lose again, it looks terrible, especially facing a red-hot Rams team on Thursday and then the Seahawks after that.

Larry Fitzgerald will play and Drew Stanton is much better at home.

What are you expecting to see? What are your predictions?

This is your open thread.

Remember the following:

1. Language restrictions are lifted, but remember that is only the case for game threads. Don't take the language to the other threads.

2. No trolling and no personal attacks.

3. Do not ask for or share online game feeds.

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