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Cardinals vs. Chiefs: What was the play of the game?

A great deal of sloppy football cannot cover up all of the great plays that happened on Sunday

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have reached double digits in wins. With a couple of games left to play they have the chance to clinch the NFC West. The game against the Chiefs on Sunday was crucial to the Cardinals future. The Cardinals did play some sloppy football, but if it were not for key plays, they may not have pulled off the comeback. With that, we provide you with the nominees for this week's play of the game:

Stanton goes long to Floyd:

It took the Cardinals offense a while to really get into a groove. When Stanton is comfortable, he can make some incredible plays happen. Early in the third quarter with Arizona down by 8 on their own 39-yard line, Drew Stanton scrambled between the pass rush, stepped forward, and let it fly down the sideline. Michael Floyd came down the with the perfectly placed ball to record a 45-yard catch that set up Chandler Catanzaro's third field goal of the day.

Okafor with the pick:

The Chiefs seemed like they were able to reclose the gap the Cards had worked so hard to open up. They had a 3rd down just outside the red zone - clearly in field goal range - when the unthinkable happened. After receiving pressure from the pass rush, Alex Smith attempted to dump off a short pass; however, he clearly missed the 260 pound outside linebacker, Alex Okafor, who read Smith like a book and jumped right into the pass to record the interception. Had it to been for a great tackle by Alex Smith, he may have taken it all the way. This turnover set up the only Arizona touchdown of the game. Defense wins games.

The singular touchdown:

After a sack an injury to the rookie star wide receiver, John Brown, the Cardinals looked as if they would have to settle for a field goal as they approached third and a whopping 18 yards to go. After the snap, Jaron Brown made a quick fake to the inside and bolted back on a fade toward the sideline. Drew Stanton launched a beautiful over the shoulder pass to land Brown not only past the first down marker, but the goal line as well. The score and the 2-point conversion put the Cards up by 3 and turned out to be the game winning score.

Hughes' clutch catch and run:

The Cards were facing a third and two late in the game with around third minutes left to play. Sitting on their own 40-yard line, they wanted to give the Chiefs no time to score. From shotgun formation, Stanton threw a quick pass to the sidelines and hit an open man toward the sideline. A quick Robert Hughes made the grab, picked up the first down, and more. After breaking a tackle and receiving a few blocks, Hughes picked up a total of 30 yards and put the Cardinals in field goal territory. Because of this play, the Cards were able to take more time off of the clock and gave the Chiefs only one minute to put up points.

There were many other spectacular moments but these stood out to us. Cast your vote in the poll below or comment which play you think deserves to stand as the play of the game.