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NFC playoff picture: Arizona Cardinals continue to cling to top seed, could clinch playoff spot this week

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A look at the playoff standings at the start of Week 15.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers won their fifth game in a row on Monday Night, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 43-37 to improve to 10-3. It was their fifth straight win, but even with the 10-3 record, they still do not sit atop the NFC as the conference's top seed at the moment.

That spot still belongs to the Arizona Cardinals, who stopped a two-game losing streak with a 17-14 win over the Chiefs on Sunday. They, too, are 10-3, but their 7-2 conference record is just better than Green Bay's 7-3 record within the NFC, giving the Cardinals the tiebreak.

After Week 14's games, here are the playoff standings. The San Francisco 49ers are still technically alive, but at 7-6, they really aren't part of the picture, being two games even behind the Cowboys, who aren't even in the playoffs if the season ended today.

1. Arizona Cardinals, 10-3, 2-1 division, 7-2 conference

Their final three games are at the Rams, at home vs. the Seahawks and at the 49ers. They can clinch at least a wild card berth with one more win and one team winning this weekend between the Eagles and Cowboys.

2. Green Bay Packers, 10-3, 4-1 division, 7-3 conference

Their final games are at the Bills, at the Buccaneers and at home to close the season against the Detroit Lions.

3. Philadelphia Eagles, 9-4, 3-0 division, 5-4 conference

They close the season with three division games: at home against the Cowboys, at the Redskins and at the Giants

4. Atlanta Falcons, 5-8, 4-0 division, 5-5 conference

They continue to benefit from the NFL rules that value winning a division. We are looking at a possibility of a 6-10 team getting to host a playoff game. They close the season at home against the Steelers, at the Saints and at home against the Panthers.

5. Seattle Seahawks, 9-4, 2-1 division, 7-2 conference

Seattle is right on the heels of the Cardinals. They finish the season at home against the 49ers, at the Cardinals and at home against the Rams. The game next week in Arizona will probably determine the NFC West.

6. Detroit Lions, 9-4, 3-0 division, 7-2 conference

Seattle holds the tiebreaker over the Lions for now, but I don't know what that tiebreaker is. They have not gone head-to-head and they have the same conference record. I am guessing it is common opponents. Seattle is 3-0 vs Green Bay, Arizona and the Giants. Detroit is 2-1 against those teams. They close the season at home against the Vikings, at the Bears and at the Packers.

7. Dallas Cowboys, 9-4, 2-2 division, 6-4 conference

Dallas loses all the tiebreaking scenarios right now. Philly beat them, so they lose to the Eagles for the division lead and their 6-4 conference record leaves them behind Seattle and Detroit. They have a big game on the road in Philadelphia then close the season at home against the Colts and at the Redskins. A win this week and they will jump to the number three seed, bumping the Eagles down to number seven.