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Former Bears GM ranks NFL QBs, writes Carson Palmer not elite

It's the silly season for the NFL, and that means RANKINGS! Where does Carson Palmer fall, how about the quarterbacks within the division?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the off season in the NFL the best way to start a debate is to do positional rankings.

It's the easiest hot button topic in the NFL, fans gobble it up, it allows for fans to interact, as well as show their less than flattering side.

Nothing draws the ire of the fans more than one specific set of rankings, and that's the quarterbacks.

This weeks specialty rankings are brought to you by The Sideline View and a guest spot from former Chicago Bears General Manger Jerry Angelo.

He breaks them down into interesting groups:


The upper class quarterbacks. They can elevate the play of their team. Has an extraordinary make-up physically and has intangibles. An elite player.

The usual suspects are at the top with Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers as the top three, from there things get interesting.

Angelo gives the fourth overall spot to the young Andrew Luck, but he's not the only young quarterback in the top 10.


Played at a high level. Was one of the reasons – but not the reason – for his team’s success... not elite.

Cam Newton checks in at the seventh spot, but it's the nine and ten spots where things get really interesting, as they both all fall into the next tier of players.

That list includes two NFC West quarterbacks, and here's what Angelo says:

8.4 Russell Wilson

He has all the savvy you want for the position. His size and arm talent limit him. You can win with him, because he follows the script and can make plays down field. He keeps defenses honest with his play making ability. A great leader.

8.4 Colin Kaepernick

A great talent. Though he has the size and arm strength he’s not a comfortable as a pocket passer. His vision is tunneled and relies more on his athleticism, than his reads to make plays when things start to unravel. When his instincts kick in he can take over a game.

That's right, Angelo has Wilson as the ninth best quarterback in the NFL and Colin Kaepernick, much to the chagrin of Cardinals fans I am sure, as the tenth best quarterback in the NFL.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals own Carson Palmer sits comfortably in the 18th position, similar to where our own Jess Root had him last year.

Angelo's comments on Palmer:

7.3 Carson Palmer

He’s experienced with size, arm strength and good accuracy. He’s a adequate learner with good football sense. He can make big plays given his arm talent, but not going to play over mediocre coaching or a marginal supporting cast.

That leads to an interesting question: If the talent gap between the Cardinals quarterback and the teams they are trying to catch in the division is that wide, and I don't think it is, what is the best way to close that gap outside of upgrading the quarterback position?

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