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Former Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt talks Michael Sam, QBs, new job

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The former head coach speaks to local radio.


The Arizona Cardinal are set in their coaching staff, but their last head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, was on the air here in Phoenix. He was on "The Drive" with Mike Jurecki and Jody Oehler on Fox Sports Radio 910.

He was asked about many topics, including his new head coaching job with the Tennessee Titans, the quarterback situation when he was here in Arizona and also about the whole issue of the possibility of a gay player in the NFL.

He evaded the topic about sticking with one quarterback, saying that injuries had a lot to do with the quarterback situation here. That is true. Kevin Kolb got hurt both in 2011 and 2012. John Skelton began 2012 as the starter, but got injured in the team's first game, leading the team to go to Kolb, who played well and then got hurt.

Regarding the Tennessee situation, he was equally evasive, but that is natural, since he can't know exactly what they will do defensively or offensively because they have yet to work with the personnel, and they won't until April. It sounded like they will transition to a 3-4, but that some base formations might have a four-man line.

As for the thought of gays in the league, he said what has been said before -- it matter s what he does on the field. If he plays well there, "that's all that matters."

Take a listen. He wasn't very willing to admit to past mistakes, as any proud person is. He laments most not winning more games in 2012, especially since there were some close ones they lost. He spoke of the game the team lost to the Buffalo Bills when Jay Feely's potential game-winning field was tipped and hit the upright. He said that, had that kick gone in, things probably would have gone differently during the rest of the season.