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Arizona Cardinals want players to be willing to work with team on current contracts

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Steve Keim uses Larry Fitzgerald as example for playwers to follow with contracts.

Christian Petersen

Steve Keim was on the air in studio on Friday with Arizona Sports 98.7 and talked about the offseason. One of the things that came up while discussing signing free agents, specifically in response to the possibility of re-signing Karlos Dansby before free agency begins, was that of players being willing to restructure their contracts for the good of the team.

"Larry did a few things to help us contractually and that's the same mindset all of our players have to take when it comes to their deals and the structure of the cap," he said. "We're going to need some help and we need to put players around you to have some success. At some point, all guys need to show some unselfishness. And at the same time, we need to reward these guys when they're playing well. "

Players and money is a very touchy subject. They have a limited amount of time they can get paid for their careers and their contract salaries are not guaranteed.

What Steve Keim is saying takes a lot of trust on both sides. A tea, take take a player and restructure his deal, whether that is for less salary or not, and then cut him the next year, even when the contract runs for years beyond that.

However, when you have an organization that wants to win ad put the best product on the field and you have players that want to be in a position to have the best team possible to win, it makes it easier, especially when you feel that the team will take care of you for your play.

It is a very telling and calculated statement by Keim -- we need to shift money around to make you better as a team. If you want to win a Super Bowl, help out.

While I am not a big fan of his use of "unselfishness," it is almost OK here. NFL teams do very little "unselfish" things, but the Cardinals are trying to make a run.

Who are guys that Keim would like to help out? Contracts like Darnell Dockett and Daryn Colledge come to mind, and even perhaps Daryl Washington with his big bonus coming up.

The problem is either Keim would be asking a player to take less money (while the team is not giving any money up) or giving them more money now, creating potential dead money in future years.

Because the team has cap room right now, I would doubt we see any other restructures right now. They may come later in free agency or closer to training camp and the start of the season.