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NFL free agency: GM Steve Keim says 'it takes 2' to get Karlos Dansby re-signed

Arizona has been aggressive, but apparently not aggressive enough.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the most important free agent the Arizona Cardinals will have this offseason is linebacker Karos Dansby, who had the finest year of his career in 2013.

Bringing him back is actually quote important, especially considering the fact that the team may be without linebacker Daryl Washington, as he might face league discipline pending his trial for a domestic dispute with the mother of his child.

In a visit to the studios of Arizona Sports 98.7, general manager Steve Keim said that the team has "been aggressive" in trying to get Dansby re-signed.

"Obviously it takes two sides," he explained. "I think we'll work together over the next several weeks to a common understanding."

"Karlos knows how important he is to us."

What is interesting is what he said after that. It was his comment about how guys need to show unselfishness.

Dansby believes he is the best linebacker in the league. He deserves to make more money than he did last season. However, he does need to note that the team will need other pieces around him to improve the team.