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NFL free agency: Grades for the left tackles on the market

How good were the potential new Cardinals signees?


Left tackle is a position that the Arizona Cardinals wish to upgrade this offseason. One way they will attempt to do so is through free agency, which will begin on March 11. A possible target has long been rumored as Branden Albert, who will likely be asking for a large contract.

Along with Albert, Anthony Collins are Jared Veerheld possible targets. A reader posed the question, asking how they graded out.

This is the answer. I will give you pass blocking ratings, the run block rating, the pressures allowed numbers and rushing stats.

Branden Albert:

2013: +14.7 pass block, -2.9 run block, four sacks allowed, 22 other pressures, 4.2 YPC running over LT, 4.7 running over RG, 5.7 over right end.

2012: +16.2 pass block, -3.4 run block, one sack and 16 pressures allowed, running averages over LT/GG/LE were 3.5/3.7/7.0

2011: +14.8 pass block, +2.6 run block, five sacks and 19 other pressures allowed, 4.3/5.4/5.2 rushing averages

Anthony Collins:

2013: +14.8 pass block, -1.7 run block, zero sacks and 14 pressures allowed, 3.8/3.5/4.5 rushing averages

2012 and 2011 he was not a full-time starter.

Jared Veldheer:

2013 (only five games): -1.6 pass block, -3.1 run block, two sacks and 15 pressures allowed, 4.3/4.5/5.6 rushing averages

2012: +17.8 pass block, +3.1 run block, five sacks and 28 pressures allowed, 4.1/3.2/2.2 rushing averages

2011: +8.5 pass block, +10.0 run block, four sacks and 32 pressures allowed, 4.8/5.2/6.2 rushing averages

All are solid in pass protection. Run blocking varies. Anthony Collins has the smallest sample size.

Who do you want as the Cards' main LT target in free agency?