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Podcast: Revenge of the Birds Radio with 1st offseason show Sunday night

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The break has gone on long enough

Well, we took long enough a break. Sunday night at 10 PM Arizona time (midnight EST) Seth Cox, RedC and I will be talking Arizona Cardinals offseason Revenge of the Birds Radio.

We will talk about some of the following:

1. Larry Fitzgerald's contract

2. Re-signing Karlos Dansby

3. Which of the team's own free agents should be brought back?

4. Possible salary cap casulaties

5. Other offseason news: Martin/Incognito and Michael Sam

Want to listen in live? Here is the magic link.

Call in if you have a desire to do so 646-478-3787. You can tweet me as well.

I will have the archived episode up in the morning as well. Yeah!