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2/17 Arizona Cardinals news: No franchise tag for Karlos Dansby

Your Cardinals and NFL news to start the day.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Not that the Cardinals have the cap space or the inclination but it is, for all practical purposes, impossible to franchise tag linebacker Karlos Dansby. Jess Root and the RotB Radio crew are back with a new podcast. It's a nice way to catch up on the off-season so far.


Dansby’s two prior tags make it impossible, as practical matter, to tag him again
Even if Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby were playing at a level that would merit consideration for the one-year franchise tag, the Cardinals wouldn't be able to tag him.

RotB Radio: Offseason starts, gays in NFL, free agency and more (Ep. 28)
After a long break, the ROTB Radio crew is back and are ready to discuss the NFL and Arizona Cardinals offseason.

Arizona Cardinals Fan's Off Season Guide
Here's some suggestions for Cardinals fans to get through the off-season.

Draft Preview: Tight End Eric Ebron
Here is a scouting report of tight end Eric Ebron, a potential target for the Red Birds in the first round.

Offseason Advice for Every NFL Team
The Arizona Cardinals exceeded all expectations in 2013, going 10-6 and nearly qualifying for the postseason in spite of their quarterback, Carson Palmer, who threw 22 interceptions and looked like he was playing hot potato with the football.


American football could be Olympic sport by 2024 -
Seven-on-seven is the most likely style of play.

Report: Anquan Boldin, 49ers in talks for new contract -
Anquan Boldin was a durable and productive target for QB Colin Kaepernick last season. The San Francisco 49ers would like to bring the wide receiver back, and the feeling is said to be mutual.