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Arizona Cardinals news 2/18: Dansby wants to be paid, franchise tags

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Morning links about the Cardinals and the rest of the NFL.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After Presidents Day, the biggest revelation in the Cardinals world was that of Karlos Dansby not wanting to be paid on the cheap like he was in 2013. Yesterday was also the first day that teams could use the franchise or transition tags.

Here are your morning links.


Cardinals Blogs | Dance of free agency
What are the chances Karlos Dansby re-signs with the Cardinals? The answer is, right now, you can’t answer.

Birds Of A Feather Chat - Pre-Combine
Darren Urban will have a live chat on Tuesday.

Karlos Dansby wants his worth in free agency - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby believe he belongs in the conversation of greatest linebackers of the last decade.

Franchise/transition tags: Arizona Cardinals - ESPN
Karlos Dansby is all too familiar with the franchise tag.

Catching up after some time off | Insiders

I’m back at work this week after taking last week off, and in an upset, nothing much happened on the Cardinals beat while I was away.


2014 NFL Draft: Anonymous strikes again -

The annual NFL Scouting Combine starts this week, and that means only one thing: context-free reports about the state of America's youth.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins rise in pre-combine prediction -

Here's one final guess at the 2014 NFL Draft before the NFL Scouting Combine.

The All-Presidential Football League roster -

It's Presidents Day, so we made a team full of commanders in chief, starting with Obama at CB and Lincoln at QB. This is what the Washington POTUSes would look like.

Future Consideration: Mock Draft, top quarterback prospects, and AFC West team needs -

In this week's episode of Future Consideration, Dan and Matt review SB Nation's mock draft, the best quarterbacks of the 2014 draft class, and each AFC West team's needs in the draft. SPOILER: the...

2014 NFL Draft: Morgan Moses hopes to join Virginia's OL pipeline to pros -

Whether he's wrapping up classes while prepping for the draft or keeping his head up on a losing team, offensive tackle prospect Morgan Moses knows what it takes to keep his focus straight and steady.

NFL franchise tag 2014: Jimmy Graham, Brian Orakpo among likely candidates -

With the window for using the franchise tag officially underway, here's a primer on how the tag works and possible recipients this offseason.

NFL Draft news roundup: Cleveland Browns GM knows his QB -

Ray Farmer knows what quarterback he'd take in the draft, but of course he's not saying who. Are his veiled quotes an indicator?

Ravens, Terrell Suggs announce four-year extension - Baltimore Beat Down

Suggs will be under contract through the 2018 season.Greg Robinson 2014 NFL Draft scouting report -

In 2013, Greg Robinson went from unknown to one of the top offensive tackles in the 2014 NFL Draft.