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Arizona Cardinals have not made contract offer to Andre Roberts; WR could leave

In what is no surprise, it sounds like Roberts' time is done in the desert.

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Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim told fans recently that the team has been aggressive with their own free agents and have deals on the table for a few.

That does not include receiver Andre Roberts, according to an interview he had with SiriusXM NFL Radio.

He is excited, with a "good nervousness" entering free agency.

"I don't know necessarily if there are enough balls to go around out here." -Andre Roberts

"I'm not sure of the interest of the Cardinals yet," when asked where he stands with the team that drafted him in the third round in 2010 out of the Citadel. "They haven't come to me about anything."

He expects the team to make an offer of some sort some time before the start or at the start of free agency.

He does, though, understand simple math when it comes to catches. "if you know the Cardinals, Michael (Floyd) and Larry (Fitzgerald) are both doing their thing out here in Arizona," Roberts explained. "I don't know necessarily if there are enough balls to go around out here."

The Cardinals, dating back to the days of Rod Graves, have a track record of letting receivers go at the right time. They draft receivers in the mid to late round and then use them for the extent of the rookie contract before lettingthem walk in free agency. They let Steve Breaston and Early Doucet go. It looks like it is Roberts' turn.

With the assumption that the Cardinals have "aggressively" gone after their own soon-to-be free agents, the fact that Roberts has heard nothing is telling. He probably won't get anything more than a one-year minimum deal like they offered LaRod Stephens-Howling a year ago before he walked and landed with the Steelers.

It makes sense for him to go. Whether or not he gets a multi-year deal or decent guaranteed money, plying elsewhere will give him a better shot at fulfilling what his potential could be. In Arizona, he will be no better than the third receiver and will be a part time player because of the frequent use of two tight ends.

Roberts is close friends with Larry Fitzgerald, but that won't be an issue. Fitz is friends with people all over the league.

Are the Cardinals making a mistake potentially letting Roberts go? Do you hope personally that he be a Cardinals again? Discuss it in the comment section.