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2014 Super Bowl party plans, food, recipes

What are your plans for the big game?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you are like roughly a gazillion other Americans, you will be hosting or attending a Super Bowl party. For some, this event is more important than the game itself.

Tell us about what your plans are.

Here in the Root home, we are the hosts of a smaller get together. It isn't a big deal and where we will differ is in the choice of beverages. Our party has no alcohol, as neither we nor our closest friends and family drink.

Our group includes four couples and six kids (four of them are our own). What will we be eating?

We have pizza we have bought, taquitos, a seven-layer bean dip to eat with chips, homemade hot wings, homemade loaded potato skins and bacon-wrapped pork smokies. We are going to have far too much food.

Share with the rest of the community your menus and plans. Are you a host or an attendee? Is it a big one or more intimate?

Looking for some recipes? Across the SB Nation team sites, there are some good ones.

How about drunken chocolate strawberries?

How about award-winning chili?

If you prefer, you could go with the killer wings.

From 2013, there is a layer dip you could try.

And what party doesn't have guacamole?

Enjoy the game and, more importantly, the fun. Just make sure you get home safely.