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Arizona Cardinals have more than $2 million in workout bonuses coming due

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The team can save some money by cutting ties with players before the offseason program begins.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The new league year has yet to begin yet, but at some point, the league will announce the offseason program schedule -- when players can voluntarily begin working out at the team facility. Many players have contractual bonuses for workouts at the team facility.

As noted by Mike Jurecki on his Birdseed blog for Fox Sports Radio 910, they have 16 players with bonuses for workouts. They amount to a little more than $2 million.

Here are the players and their bonuses:

Jasper Brinkley 250K
Drew Stanton 250K
Larry Fitzgerald 250K
Darnell Dockett 250K
Calais Campbell 250K
Daryn Colledge 250K
Rashad Johnson 150K
Lyle Sendlein 150K
Lorenzo Alexander 100K
Daryl Washington 100K
Tyrann Mathieu 50K
Ryan Williams 50K
Dan Williams 50K
Mike Leach 25K
Dave Zastudil 25K
Rob Housler 25K

Jurecki believes that a couple of these players will be cut, saving the team some money. The easiest and most likely would be Jasper Brinkley and Daryn Colledge. Colledge is expected by many to be a salary cap casualty. Brinkley is also expected to not return, pending what the team can work out with soon-to-be free agent Karlos Dansby.

However, Brinkley's situation is not easy. While he is an easy release and does not carry a ton of dead money on his contract, he does have value on the team. They might hold on to him until they know what will happen with Daryl Washington and his criminal charges and trial. The thing is that his court date comes after when the offseason schedule will begin. Last year, the offseason workouts began in the middle of April. Washington's trial begins at the end of April.

Who do you think will be the ones that are cut, saving the team their workout bonus?