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2014 NFL mock draft: Pre-combine projections for all Arizona Cardinals picks

We're on the eve of the NFL Combine, so let's take a look at what the Cardinals may do in the NFL Draft.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It's the last week before we have any idea what the Cardinals may do in the NFL Draft, and even after this week we still won't know much, except names that the Cardinals will have talked with.

The key to remember is not who the Cardinals interviewed, they never talked with Patrick Peterson at the Combine, but note the positions that could be in play, then work from there on names that could be available throughout each round.

In this mock we go the route of what it seems like General Manager Steve Keim hit on in his combine interview, the Cardinals are close, but it seems like one side is slightly closer in the defense, so why not fill those "needs" and have a dominant defense?

Let's go.

Round 1- Calvin Pryor, S Louisville

When Pryor's name was brought up at the end of the season it seemed like people were hesitant, then some big names came out with some big comparisons, former All Pro's Mike Brown and Bob Sanders were the names brought up by Matt Waldman and Daniel Jeremiah respectively, and fans seem to be more receptive now.

The Cardinals are looking for a big, long, athletic safety, someone who can be a match up type in the NFC West with the athletic tight ends and running backs, and he's a guy who can live in the box if need be.

Round 2- Christian Jones, OLB Florida State

Jones has a bad wrap because he was so misused at Florida State, then they moved him down to the defensive line and let him pin his ears back and rush the passer.

All of a sudden Jones was wreaking havoc and making plays.

He's a freak athlete, who learned how to utilize that athleticism later in the year, learned to use his hands, leverage, and how to convert from speed to power in pass rushing.

He's not ready to play as an everydown player, but he has the upside to be a difference maker as a pass rusher early, and could turn into a complete player.

Round 3- Joel Bitonio, OT Nevada

There were whispers about concern on Bitonio's size, then he measured in and those concerns were lifted.

He's a bulldog, is an effective pass blocker, mirrors well, keeps his balance and shows good lateral ability.

More importantly he is a nasty run blocker who looks like he has the goods to be an effective tackle in a power scheme with slide protection if need be.

He may be "just a right tackle" in the end, but he has day one starter qualities.

Round 4- Josh Huff, WR Oregon

If you missed yesterday's article, you missed why Huff is EXACTLY what Arians likes in a wide receiver.

Excellent long speed and short area quickness, Huff was utilized in numerous sets at Oregon, but will have to transition to the NFL and learn how to win in routes if he ever wants to be more than a deep threat/screen threat type.

He has the skills to do it, and you know a guy like Larry Fitzgerald will always take a young receiver under his wing.

Round 5- Josh Mauro, DE Stanford

Mauro has the look of a solid, if not unspectacular 3-4 defensive end prospect.

He has good length, is a strong force in run defense, knows how to win in a 3-4 defense as an end, and is smart (yes the Stanford cliche).

Round 6- Aaron Colvin, CB Oklahoma

This may be a pipe dream, but after talking with a couple of scouts, they think Colvin is a mid range day three guy, problem is day three is four rounds long, so mid is five or six right?

Anyway, Colvin was trending up into the two, three range until his ACL tear, and now he's the perfect sixth round stash for the Cardinals and what they are looking to do in the secondary.

It gives them firepower for next year when they can get Jerraud powers off the books and save $3.5 million, but he also is the type of corner the Cardinals are looking at.

A bit undersized (allegedly based on the 6-1 min the Cardinals are looking at) Colvin plays with an aggressive, mean streak.

Excellent against the run and a fiery competitor, it looks like Colvin could develop, if he heals properly, and under the Todd Bowles tutelage.

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