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Steve Keim: 'Larry Fitzgerald may have to take a pay cut'

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The recent restructure gave the team flexibility now, but big decisions will have to come in the future.


When Larry Fitzgerald restructured his contract, he created quite a bit of slary cap space for 2014. However, in 2015, his cap number is over $23 million, which is astounding. Something will have to be done, whether it is another retooling of the contract or cutting ties.

General manager Steve Keim was asked about the contract while on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

Keim recognized that at some point Fitzgerald may have to take a pay cut to stay in Arizona, and Keim admitted that an outsider could believe based on the cap number that Fitzgerald may not retire with the Cardinals.

Arizona did what they needed to do for this season. They believe they are close enough to being able to surpass the 49ers and Seahawks and compete not only for a playoff spot, but make a run in the playoffs. Fitz is a key part of that right now.

But successful or not, there will be decisions to be made. If Fitz has a big season, it will be difficult to see his taking less money. Another restructure could happen, pushing dead money further forward again. It could also be that all the intentions in the world won't matter and they will have to cut or trade him, much like the Phoenix Suns did with Steve Nash even after two years of saying how much they wanted Nash to retire member of the Suns.

However, until then, it is something that simply needs to be ignored for now. There will be plenty of time to worry about it next February.