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NFL free agency: Arizona Cardinals 'won't overpay' for LT Branden Albert

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Adam Schefter says that Arizona is "in a good spot."

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The one free agent rumor that keeps chirping about that of the Arizona Cardinals' interest in left tackle Branden Albert, who is set to become a free agent March 11.

Albert is arguably the best tackle available on the market and the Cardinals really want to upgrade at the position, as they went from Levi Brown to Bradley Sowell last season and had results that were barely passable. Sack numbers were down from 2012, but it required extra help from running backs and tight ends, which limits what the team can do offensively.

As the "best" tackle available, you would think that Albert would command a large salary. He might, but according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Cardinals are "in a good spot."

Schefter tweeted the incoming class of tackles in the draft is deep and that Arizona showed an ability to "procure value."

"Cards won't overpay," he tweeted.

That is good and bad. It is good because they won't pay him too much, but at the same time, with the Miami Dolphins reportedly also interested, it also means that it will become less likely that the team will be able to sign their reported number one free agent target.

Which would be the better option for Arizona? Pay a little more to get "their guy" or pay a guy less that they liked less?

It's a good question. Albert is proven. He is solid, something that Arizona hasn't had at left tackle since probably the days of Lomas Brown.

Can the Cards really afford to pinch pennies at that position?