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Arizona could host Pro Bowl and Super Bowl in consecutive weeks

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The league has been talking about this for a while behind the scenes.

Kent Nishimura

With all the hoopla around the NFL Scouting Combine and SB1062 that Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoed, there was a tidbit that came out about the NFL and, indirectly, the Arizona Cardinals.

The league reportedly was in talks to move the Pro Bowl from Honolulu to the Super Bowl host site, which happens to be Glendale in 2015. (This FanPost was the first on the site to bring it up -- props to allstr1ker)

This isn't the first time this happened. The 2010 Pro Bowl was in Florida the week before the Colts/Saints Super Bowl, but the league moved it back to Hawaii.

Some believed that the league was simply turning up the heat on Arizona politicians, as the SB1062 controversy was on everyone's minds. However, according to SI's Don Banks, who was on Arizona Sports 98.7 on Wednesday, stated that this was being talked about behind the scenes long before it became a topic in the public.

Banks noted that the league is looking for a better way to kick off Super Bowl week -- rather than players coming off of a plane, they could have an actual football game. There would be better attendance and more sponsors, meaning more money.

The league is all about the revenues.

Whether it becomes a long-term change or something that they try again in the Phoenix area, it could certainly be a good thing for Arizona.