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2014 NFL Draft: QB prospect Zack Mettenberger ahead of schedule with knee, confident he can play

The possible Cardinals target was on Phoenix radio on Wednesday.

While in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine, the Arizona Cardinals met with a number of players for formal interviews. One such player was LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger.

The draft prospect was interviewed by Jody Oehler and Mike Jurecki on Fox Sports Radio 910 on Wednesday, when he talked about the draft process and getting ready for the pros.

Listen to the full interview!

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Mettenberger sounded like a man who was well prepared. He said all the right answers. He didn't give away too much information and he didn't come off as cocky. He said he felt confident he can play with any of the quarterbacks expected to be drafted in the first round, even if he himself doesn't get drafted that highly.

He described himself as a "football junkie", and gave some insight to Cardinals fans about how the team goes about the scouting process. He said that, while interviewing with the Cardinals, head coach Bruce Arians said very little. It wasn't until the end when he piped up about it being time to put on pads and play some ball. It sounds like Steve Keim is the main voice in the room.

One concern coming out of college is his knee injury. He suffered a torn ACL and is seven weeks removed from surgery. Mettenberger said that he is way ahead of schedule and that he expects to be ready to for rookie mini-camps and OTAs in the offseason, citing how important it is to be there from Day 1.

He also sounded like a kid that did not plan on sitting once he got to the league. We'll see what happens with him. The one thing that is clear -- he knows all the right things to say, and that is a great start for a young quarterback.